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10 good reasons to work with Fiza.
Fiza Thalhan - Certified English - Malay Translator

I’m a Malay native speaker living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a Malay native speaker, I am equipped with an insider’s knowledge of Malay culture – the culture that I grew up with. I’m “on the ground” so to speak and can offer advice regarding Malaysian/Malay quirks or preferences, colloquialisms, subtleties, nuances and humour – the fascinating yet complex aspects of culture and language. Why pay for “near-native fluency” when you can have full native fluency?

My clients have been highly satisfied with my English to Malay translation and proofreading services since 2008. Read their reviews here.

I am a certified translation professional with a fully registered translation business in Malaysia. As such, I am able to handle both translation and proofreading. Please request if you’d like to see my professional certification and business credentials.

I am an Associate Member of the American Translators Association (ATA), a professional association which advances the translation and interpreting professions and fosters the professional development of individual translators and interpreters (see left for ATA certificate). The ATA has over 10,000 members in more than 100 countries. I am bound by the ATA code of conduct. Here’s my ATA profile. 

I am 100% accountable and I will ensure you are completely satisfied with the work that I deliver to you. You will not deal with project managers – you’ll be communicating directly with me. If there are concerns or issues with the translation work, you’ll only have to deal with me and I will make sure your concerns are addressed fully.

I am an active and positively ranked member of ProZ which is home to the world’s largest translator network. My profile page is frequently visited and looked at (at least 100 visits per month).

I’ve handled translation work for international clients as well as local clients. I understand the needs and requirements of the businesses and universities that I’ve worked with. These range from e-learning platforms/websites, mobile apps, risk assessment forms, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), HACCP, operating manuals, safety handbooks, catalogues, fact sheets, university guidebooks, nutrition fact sheets and tourism texts.

I possess local experience flavoured by a global outlook. My past experiences in aviation, local government, international banking, oil and gas, telecommunications and business process outsourcing helps me understand how businesses think and what they need in their communication and translated materials.

Your document only gets sent to you once it has undergone proofreading after being translated. As part of our internal quality assurance process, I employ a second person (without extra costs to you), who is a professional translator and proofreader, to review all your translated texts for quality. This additional quality procedure allows us to verify the quality and interpretation of the translation so that it is correct, and check the style of the translation to ensure that it matches all your other documentation. Proofing always has to be done by a second person to get a single overall quality picture of your documents. This extra step ensures the translation is accurate, particularly for business, marketing and academia.

Should you come back to me with your feedback months later, I will personally attend to your feedback – ensuring I get it right until you are completely satisfied and pleased (without additional billing costs). This is my promise of quality and satisfaction to all my clients. In some cases, I will also go the extra mile to create glossaries for the clients’ reference.

Why take business risks when your business is at the top of its game? Let me be your trusted source and partner for Malay cultural expertise and Malay language translation.

Work Guarantee

To ensure the highest levels of quality control, I will enlist additional help (without additional costs to you) to review your document. As my client, I want you to have full confidence that the translation is accurate and professional, particularly for business and academia.

Plus the advantages of working with me – you will not be charged project management fees and overhead fees. Ready to work with me?