Customers' Reviews

What customers are saying about the quality of my translation work, my speed and attention to detail.

You can’t find a more responsible and diligent translator than Fiza! We enjoyed working with her and we know that if we have more Malay translation work in the future, she’ll be the first person we’ll look for!

Ollie Craig
Brighton, UK

Thank you for the brilliant work that you do! We’ve used many translation agencies in the past but your freelance translation service has surpassed many translation agencies. Your work has been the best so far!

Haridasan Madeei
London, UK

Fiza has always been a true professional who delivers her work on time without compromising on quality or promptness. A pleasure to work with.

Roxanne Mehta
Dubai, UAE

The job that I gave Fiza was a project for California Raisins which comprised 9 files or 3,500 words. I didn’t know it then but the day I emailed her, it was the first day of Hari Raya. Despite the fact that she was celebrating this Muslim holiday, she got back to me and said she needed 3 days to complete the project. Fiza also told me that she would need to fix the glaring errors that were in the files I gave her before she could proceed with the English-Malay translation. I agreed to this and her edits really improved the output tremendously. I now send her regular work and am really pleased I found her!

Silvina Nunez

Fiza is invaluable in our everyday translation work. Her detailed translation and proofreading services are impeccable. The quality of her work and her ability to meet tight deadlines make her pleasure to work with. It also gives us confidence and peace of mind because her work speaks for itself.

Cristina Chammoro
Madrid, Spain

Really excellent and accurate translation quality for English to Malay translation and she always delivers on time. Lots of positive feedback from our clients about her work. We couldn’t have been happier finding someone of her calibre.

Emma Zhang
Shanghai, China

I remembered Fiza because we used to send translations for her to work on. When I decided to open my own translation agency, I immediately knew I had to contact her because of the quality of her Malay translation. I asked her to help me translate a textile industry document and she did it well. She is a true professional and I would happily recommend her!

Gianluca Costantini

Fiza successfully translated for us in the most professional and prompt manner. She met our deadlines and did a great job.

Ronnie Avelino
New York, USA

We worked with Fiza for a market research study of about 3,000 words. It was an urgent job that we sent to her late Friday evening which we needed by Monday morning. I appreciate that Fiza worked on this for us over the weekend and more importantly, did not charge us a weekend rate, unlike other translators. When she sent the translation back to us and we sent it along to our client, our client loved it. We subsequently sent her the second part of the study which she completed in a week. Since then, we’ve been using her translation service regularly. We’ve developed a good working relationship, entrusting her to manage and lead a team of 5 Malay translators for a big project. She went the extra mile to help us vet the translators, saving us a lot of time and headache. It has been a pleasure working with her and she is always ready to help.

Jairo Lopez

I asked Fiza to help me review a Malay translation of a global questionnaire which I needed in 2 hours. Fiza over-delivered - she reviewed the entire document, not just the highlighted words. She helped me highlight some major errors and told me that she suspected the original translator used Google Translate. I loved her work and paid her right away with PayPal. Questionnaires are Fiza’s forte as she later revealed to me! What luck to have found her. She was professional and responsive. I was impressed by her promptness replies despite the time difference. She was willing to help when needed. I will definitely recommend her.