Translation Rates

I offer two types of services: translation and proofreading. My translation language pair is English and Malay.
Translation Services (English to Malay; Malay to English)

If you engage me for translation services, proofreading is included in the package fee. Translation fees are based on word count.

For documents which do not meet a minimum word count, a minimum fee is charged.

Please refer to the table on the right for translation rates and fees.

  1. Non-Technical Documents – these refer to general documents that do not need specialised knowledge to translate such as magazines, market research feedback and education. They are usually less complex and aimed at the general public.
  2. Technical Documents – the fees for technical translation are higher as they are usually more complex, require more specialised knowledge and takes up more time. Technical documents refer to manuals, reports, instructions etc. that are aimed at a specialised audience. They usually contain plenty of terminology. The use of the right vocabulary is prioritised over aesthetics and style. For instance, a text describing a surgical procedure will use a different terminology and style depending on whether it is intended for physicians or laypersons. A translator must know when to use “kidney toxicity” and when to use “nephrotoxicity.”

If you are unsure whether your document falls under Technical or Non-Technical categories, I can help you determine this when you contact me.

Non-Technical Translation Fees
*per word

English to Malay0.120.50
Malay to English0.150.60

Technical Translation Fees
*per word 

English to Malay0.150.60
Malay to English0.180.70
Proofreading Services Only

You may also engage me for proofreading services only (for English language documents or Malay language documents). The fees for proofreading are half of the fees for translation based on per word basis.

Payment Terms

  • You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer.
  • For job to commence:
    – Private client: Full payment upfront
    – Corporate client: Purchase Order (P.O) needed
  • Price for translation services is inclusive of proofreading.
  • Payment terms: 30 days.
  • Urgent work and working over the weekend are subjected to a surcharge of 15%.
  • Turnaround is 1,500 words per day.
  • Minimum charges: USD$30/RM120
  • Advantages of working with me: no project management fees, no overhead fees. I’ll be happy to issue you a free, no-obligation quote. Contact me today! 

How Is Translation Pricing Calculated?

Here are 3 factors that determine how much a translation job costs.

How many words are there in the source language?

A source language refers to the document’s original language and the target language refers to the language into which the document will be translated. When translating from English (source language) to Malay (target language), the target word count will normally be about 20% higher than the source word count.

My charges are fairly based on the number of words in the source language. As a client, you will have an accurate cost estimate at the beginning of each project, as opposed to being charged by target word count, which is disadvantageous to you.

How soon do you need the translated document?

Quality translation does take time because I want to do an excellent job for you.

You must give me adequate time to present to you a piece that you are happy with. 

Also, your project may be one of the many projects that I have on hand at one time. When your work is more urgent and needs prioritisation, I would need to charge you more for it. Remember, you can’t just speed up the process of translation — it takes what it takes.

How complex is the text and what type of translation is needed?

  • How many specialized terms does your document contain or how complex is the argument? Does it need research or editing of the original text?
  • Professional translators are not just people who know two languages well; we are also subject-matter specialists. As a translator, I need to understand a subject deeply before I can translate it meaningfully.
  • Each language has its own quirks and colloquialisms. Authentic or complex texts such as literature require lots of research to find suitable pairings in the target language, so that it will convey the right meaning instead of sounding stilted or awkward.

What Our Customers Say

You can’t find a more responsible and diligent translator than Fiza! We enjoyed working with her and we know that if we have more Malay translation work in the future, she’ll be the first person we’ll look for!

Ollie Craig
Brighton, UK

Thank you for the brilliant work that you do! We’ve used many translation agencies in the past but your freelance translation service has surpassed many translation agencies. Your work has been the best so far!

Haridasan Madeei
London, UK