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The translation industry uses some uncommon words and phrases. If you've just started working with translators, this would help you.

Back Translation

Translating a text that has already been translated, back to the source language. Back translation is carried out by an independent translator, who did not participate in the forward translation process. It is used to ensure accuracy, tone of voice and to ensure client requirements have not been compromised in the translation process.

CAT tool

Computer software that professional translators use to help them in translation work. It refers to Computer Assisted Translation hence CAT. It makes use of a database (or Translation Memory) to help a translator keep a record of her past work. This type of software helps translators speed up their work especially when it involves a large number of words and terminology. Examples of CAT tools: Trados, Workbench, Memo Q, etc. 


Machine Translation

Translation that is done by computers. This means your text is automatically translated. An example of this would be Google Translate. It works well if your text is predictable or simple. It’s terrible and laughable for translating idioms or literature-related texts. 

Source Language, Target Language

The source language is the language a translator works from, the target language the one they work into. So if we’re translating a report from English to Malay, English is the source language while Malay is the target language.

Technical Translation

A type of specialised translation involving terminology, or relate to technological subject areas which require a high level of subject matter knowledge and mastery of the relevant terminology and writing conventions.


Converting a text in the source language to a target language.

Translation Memory

A database of ‘segments’ used in translation comprising sentences, paragraphs or sentence-like units (headings, titles or elements in a list) that have previously been translated. Translation Memory is used to assist human translators. It is part of the Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) system.

Translation Service Provider

A person or company offering translation services.

Website Localisation

Involves translation as well as making the website more accessible to a target audience in a specific location. Website localisation takes into account factors like search engine optimisation, modifying graphics for cultural appropriateness, converting dates, times and currencies to match local conventions etc. It is a more comprehensive undertaking compared to website translation.

Website Translation

Converting one language in a website to another.

Work Guarantee

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Fiza has always been a true professional who delivers her work on time without compromising on quality or promptness. A pleasure to work with.

Roxanne Mehta
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You can’t find a more responsible and diligent translator than Fiza! We enjoyed working with her and we know that if we have more Malay translation work in the future, she’ll be the first person we’ll look for!

Ollie Craig
Brighton, UK