How To Save Money On Your Next Translation Project – Part 2

More tips and ideas to help you save money on your next English-Malay translation project.

  • If you choose to do it on your own, using Google Translate, know that there is a difference between machine translation and human translation. Know the risks and consequences associated with machine translation especially if you have no one to help you review the final translated text.
  • Many business people take shortcuts and approach foreign language departments of their local university or language schools. They think it’s acceptable to have students translating their sales and marketing documents. This is at best a foolish mistake because these students aren’t translators, and they’re not going to be embarrassed when mistakes arise. You’ll be accountable to your company and your boss and risk your company looking sloppy!
  • Your employee who is bilingual is not necessarily someone who can translate your text professionally. Don’t risk your business reputation – when in doubt, look for a professional translator who is good in her source language or is a native speaker of the language that you wish to translate to.
  • If your company is looking to expand its global market share in specific countries, start looking for good quality translators now. When you find them, give them adequate time to produce good work for you. Don’t rush a translation job. Also, the wider the audience, the more you should consider getting a top translator.
  • If your brochure or company profile needs translation, ensure that every word matters. Plan your text for the translator. For instance, who is the target audience for the text? Give her enough background information so that she can do an excellent translation for you.
  • When writing, pay attention to active voice. It’s easier for translators to understand and much easier to translate!
  • When you work with a translator like me, know that we have a common goal. I want to help you communicate your message to your audience. If you can provide me adequate references and resources, I can do a much better job. The more background materials or context you provide me, the better the quality of the translation!
  • Make your document as clear as possible and this means free of mistakes and avoiding the use of jargon, slang, idioms and abbreviations. When your document is ambiguous or unclear, it is more challenging to translate and this means longer time and increased costs. Contrary to popular belief, translators do want continuous working relationships with their clients.
  • When you work with me, I will help you create a glossary (list of terms or words relating to a specific subject or text). This creates consistency across translated documents and results in fewer revisions and higher accuracy, thus benefiting all of us in the long run.
  • Agree on reasonable time frames so that you can get the best work out of your translator without compromising on quality.
  • If you think that hiring a translation agency is better than hiring an independent translation professional like me, think again. Many agencies outsource translation jobs to people like me. You might as well work directly with me as I am 100% responsible for the work!
Let me assist you with your next translation project. Check out why I could be a good partner for you.

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