Selling To Customers Who Read, Speak & Understand Malay?

Your expansion into Malay-speaking markets in the Asian region can be hindered without proper English-Malay translation services.

Certified & Qualified Malay Translation

“…accurately captures the spirit of the original material and conveys your precise message”

Having professionally translated sales and marketing, website, apps and e-learning modules are vital to your global growth strategy.

That’s why you need quality translation when you’re entering a new region or market. Excellent translation communicates your brand and business without losing the essence of who you are.

Translation services aren’t merely direct word-for-word language conversion. You need someone who knows the culture and colloquialisms of the language.

As a professional English-Malay translator, I’d love to help you capture the spirit of your original material accurately and utilise my native Malay language proficiency to convey your precise message.

Let’s work together

Hi, I'm Fiza! Besides running a translation business, I'm also an adventurous girl at heart! Here I am at my first skydiving experience in Langkawi.

How Can I Help You?

Translation helps you communicate your brand and business
without losing the essence of who you are.

Sales & Marketing

Reach out to a wider customer base when you translate your sales and marketing materials. Let me help you with sales and marketing brochures and market research questionnaires all the way to technical materials such as handbooks, operating manuals, product specification sheets, catalogues, fact sheets, labels, product registrations, warranty documentation, forms and more. 

Apps & Websites

Created a mobile app? Or does your customer need a Malay version of the website you just designed? If you’re a mobile app creator or web designer, I can help you get your apps and website to a wider market with translation especially if you wish to enter the Malay-speaking market. If your market is predominantly Malay users, it’s a smart move to get your apps and website translated into Malay

E-Learning Modules

Did you know that Malay is spoken in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, parts of Thailand and southern Philippines? If you’re an e-learning business or venturing into online education, this is a huge market to tap into. I can help you translate e-learning modules, learning instructions, tutorials and online courses into Malay. In fact, education is one of my key specialities! 

Helping Leading Organisations Prosper in Asia

"Fiza successfully translated for us in the most professional and prompt manner.
She met our deadlines and did a great job."
Ronnie Avelino
New York